About TLR

In late 2015, a group of like-minded people came together and started a series of discussions which eventually became the publication known as ‘The Last Round’.

Who are we?

We’re a publication that aims to use new media technologies to bring the latest analysis, critique and discussion about radical politics and culture to as wide an audience as possible. We started in October 2015 with an online blog and the aim to use podcasts, video and print – as well as offline events – to build a strong platform for ideas that fly in the face of the sectarian divide and austerity politics.

More and more people are developing an interest in politics and crave a real alternative to headlines about dinosaurs, nineteenth-century legislation and the many other blights on all our houses. We recognise the lack of that media alternative, as well as the lack of political alternative, and it’s why we aim to be a radical publication that promotes those ideas of liberation, economic justice, anti-capitalism and anti-sectarianism.

Current Editorial Team – Email: thelastround1@gmail.com

The team changes to meet the ongoing needs of the publication, but as of June 2017 the editorial team consists of:

Tyler McNally (@TyTLR)
Conor McFall  (@ConorMcFall)
Chloe Gault (@Chloe Gault)

Connor Hogan

Paul Mone



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