Episode 7: Abortion Decriminalisation: The Next Steps for Northern Ireland

Following on from the first podcast in the series ‘Challenges for Reproductive Justice in Northern Ireland,’ Sarah Wright, Fiona Ferguson and Rachel Watters chat about the Post-Repeal impact on the movement in Northern Ireland, the Westminster debate on decriminalisation, and the recent Supreme Court decision.

Westminster debate on repealing Sections 58 & 59 of the 1861 Offences Against the Person Act on 05.06.18

Supreme Court judgement on the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission judicial review, handed down on 07.06.18

Check out Rachel and Fiona’s recent commentary on abortion in NI:

Fiona Ferguson replies to Nelson McCausland

Rachel Watters – The mood has shifted on abortion in Northern Ireland – and Westminster can’t stall forever

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Organisations featured in discussion:

Alliance for Choice – Why we need to decriminalise abortion

BPAS – We Trust Women campaign

If you need access to an abortion:

BPAS funded abortion treatment in GB

Abortion Support Network

Women Help Women
Women On Web