EXCLUSIVE: White Nationalist Ulster Professor Stripped of Title | Tyler McNally

Two months after the UUSU Council vote demanding his removal, Ulster University have confirmed that they have stripped now disgraced Professor Richard Lynn of his Emeritus status. With a career spanning over 50 years, Lynn has proven to be one of the most prolific writers and researchers in the study of Eugenics, Dysgenics and Intelligence within the White Nationalist movement.

The Last Round can exclusively reveal the true extent of Richard Lynn’s research, often publicised with his Professor Emeritus title attached, in addition to the endorsement and support enjoyed from some of the biggest names in White Nationalism and the Alt-Right.


Ulster University Statement 13.04.18

Early Life and Career

Educated at Bristol Grammar School and University of Cambridge, Lynn first taught as a Professor of Psychology at the University of Exeter before moving to Dublin in 1967 to take up a position as a Research Professor with the Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI). In 1968 Lynn published ‘The Irish Brain Drain’, which examined Ireland’s emigration problem at the time, and proposed policy to improve the retention of Irish Graduates from Irish Universities. Lynn admits that this paper proved to be his first dip into the waters of Eugenics and Intelligence, blaming Ireland’s economic situation on the ‘low IQ’ of the Irish people:

The major problem was the economic backwardness, and when I researched the literature it was not long before I discovered that the Irish had a low average IQ. So I formulated the theory that the low IQ was likely a significant reason for the economic backwardness. The solution for this problem was obvious. What was needed was a set of eugenic policies that would raise the Irish IQ. taken from an interview with Helmuth Nyborg in 2012

Lynn’s ‘discovery’ prompted him to consider a new position outside of the ESRI, enabling him to further his research into the fields of Eugenics and Intelligence. In 1971 he applied for a post in Coleraine, a professorship tasked with setting up the University of Ulster’s Psychology department. Lynn applied, believing his findings ‘of the low Irish IQ’ would inhibit his research if he remained in a research post in Dublin. He was awarded the job, and moved to Coleraine in 1972.

The Anti-Nazi League

Now comfortably positioned in Northern Ireland, Lynn set about continuing his research into the IQ levels of various nations. Whilst not publishing anything quite as substantial as ‘IQ and The Wealth of Nations’ until 2002, Lynn published a series of papers and reviews which should have served as a warning for what was to come. In 1974, the Irish Journal of Psychology published ‘Review: A New Morality From Science: Beyondism,’ in which Lynn stated that “incompetent societies have to be allowed to go to the wall” and “the foreign aid which we give to the under-developed world is a mistake, akin to keeping going incompetent species like the dinosaurs which are not fit for the competitive struggle for existence.”

Lynn’s academic work inevitably attracted the attention of the Anti-Nazi League (ANL) who in the early 90s, launched a mass campaign on campus in an attempt to have the University remove him from his post. On February 21st 1992, over 40 students and activists protested outside Lynn’s lecture, forcing him to abandon the class for that day. Despite the campaigns in Derry and Coleraine, Lynn persisted and the University refused to remove him from his post.

The ANL targetted Lynn due to his research and flourishing connections to notorious far right organisations globally. During the 90s, Lynn received financial contributions from the Pioneer Fund, which issued a letter in 1989 proposing the cessation of all research geared towards “mixing races” arguing that “raising the intelligence of blacks or others still remains beyond our capabilities.”

Pioneer Fund, Mankind Quarterly and The Ulster Institute for Social Research

Campaigners demanding Lynn’s removal from the University in 1992, cited a $50,000 (£33,000) donation to the Ulster Institute for Social Research from the Pioneer Fund. The University of Ulster distanced themselves from the donation, as it was delivered to Lynn’s institute directly. This is in spite of action taken by the University of London against Hans Eysenck, who prohibited the latter from receiving donations from Pioneer Fund.

Pioneer Fund was started in 1937 by Wickliffe Draper, with the mandate to pursue ‘race betterment,’ and has financially supported a wide range of eugenicists, white nationalists and anti-immigration organisations throughout its 80 year history.

The Fund’s first President Harry H. Laughlin, was connected to many of the Nazi Scientists who worked on Hitler’s aspirations towards ‘racial hygiene’ in Germany. Scholarly research has proven that many of Pioneer’s board members and grant recipients worked to block the civil rights movement in the United States. Contemporary records reveal that as well as being a beneficiary, Richard Lynn currently serves as the President of Pioneer Fund.

Described by critics as “Scientific Racism’s keeper of the flame,” Mankind Quarterly was founded in 1961 with the view to joining the studies of Biology and Anthropology. Originally published in Edinburgh by the International Association for the Advancement of Ethnology and Eugenics (IAAEE), the journal has changed hands throughout its 56 year history until publication was moved to Lynn’s London-based Ulster Institute for Social Research in 2015.

Mankind’s founders include Otmar Freiherr von Verschuer, a prominent eugenicist with an interest in sterilisation programmes; one of Von Vershuer’s most infamous pupils was Josef Mengele, known as the ‘Angel of Death.’ Von Verschuer served as an adviser to the journal’s editorial team until his death in 1969. Mankind Quarterly has garnered criticism since its inception, due to its right wing bias. A cursory glance at their website confirms many of these fears, featuring papers discussing Miscegenation (the genetic study of racial mixed marriages) and Race Differences in Anxiety Disorders.

Prior to moving the production of the journal from the US to London, Richard Lynn served as Mankind’s Assistant Editor and has served on its editorial board since 1990.

‘IQ And The Wealth of Nations’ – Lynn’s contribution to modern White Nationalism

After spending nearly 20 years collating data sets on IQ levels on a global scale, and reporting the results of individual studies, Lynn met with Tatu Vanhanen in 2000 to discuss how they could collaborate, combining Lynn’s research on intelligence with Vanhanen’s political science. This resulted in the release of ‘IQ And The Wealth of Nations‘ in 2002. The book set out to examine disparity between economically advanced countries and the developing world, concluding that low IQ contributes (in part) to economic woes in the developing world.

In 2005, Lynn’s ‘The Global Bell Curve’ set out to examine whether previous results from the controversial study ‘The Bell Curve,’ written by Herrnstein and Murray, could be replicated internationally. Whereas ‘IQ and The Wealth of Nations’ evaluated the IQ of national populations, the 2005 study segregated the data by ethnicity, forming the bedrock for his modern assertions that ‘Europeans’ and ‘Orientals’ are the most intelligent people on the planet.

Eugenics, Dysgenics and White Separatism

I know of no one who has shown more dedication, more consistency and more effort to casting light into areas of darkness like Richard Lynn. If this difficult project of delivering sanity to a world that has gone insane is ever realized, Richard Lynn will be recognised as the international treasure that he is.” Jared Taylor, 2012.

Richard Lynn’s studies of Eugenics, Dysgenics and Intelligence have earned him admirers from across the world. Jared Taylor hosts the American Renaissance Conference, an annual event that allows Klansmen, White Nationalists, Eugenicists and White Separatists to network and discuss each others research at length.

Throughout his career, Lynn has lectured at secret eugenics conferences at University College London and elsewhere, but we have found video footage of a lecture from the American Renaissance Conference in 2012, entitled ‘Eugenics and Dysgenics: A Promise Denied.’ Lynn is introduced by Taylor as ‘Professor Emeritus of Ulster University in Ireland.’

Richard Spencer

Rare image of Richard Spencer not being punched. 

In the footage, Lynn derides social welfare provision, claiming that “generous welfare payments [allow] underclass women, with low IQ, low moral character and poor educational attainments to have children and live off welfare.” Lynn advocates for a restrictive welfare state, encompassing “financial incentives for elites to have children.”

Unencumbered by the potential of protestors to intervene, Lynn proceeds to talk at length about the need for a catalogue of eugenics policies in order to stop the supposed decline of ‘European Civilisation.’ Forty-two minutes in, the audience is offered the opportunity for Lynn to elaborate on his material. First to seize the opportunity was Richard Spencer, former head of the National Policy Institute, and the Washington Summit (which continues to publish Lynn’s studies). Lynn responds to Spencer’s question regarding politics and eugenics by stating:

I think it is impossible to carry out serious eugenics policies in a democracy, the tide of liberal opinion against them is too strong. It would require a military dictatorship or some form of authoritarian oligarchy like China.”

The lecture offers an incredible insight into the modern mentality of White Nationalism as an ideology. Far from being the cheerleader of supremacy, discourse around white power has been replaced with fears of displacement, victimhood, and cries of ‘they will not us replace us.’ It’s evident that Lynn’s controversial intelligence studies have bolstered the theoretical underpinning of white nationalism today, and could aid us in interpreting Steve Bannon’s interest in China as a competing power.

Why Now?

Following Ulster University Students’ Union’s (UUSU) resounding majority vote in February 2018, calling on Ulster University to remove Lynn’s Emeritus title, we contacted Ulster University and asked them to comment on the exact nature of their relationship with the Professor. We received the following response: “Professor Richard Lynn no longer works for Ulster University nor does he contribute to our research and teaching. The University reserves the right to withdraw an Emeritus title after due consideration of all relevant information and notification to the retired academic of a decision reached to do so. The University has been actively considering this and a decision will be reached shortly”


Ulster University Students’ Union motion 08.02.18

The Last Round has now received confirmation that Lynn’s title has been revoked, and the decision will be rubber stamped when the Ulster University Senate convenes on April 18th. Revoking the Professor Emeritus title from the disgraced Professor concludes his relationship with the University, but it raises as many questions as it answers:

Why was Lynn retained as a staff member during the Anti Nazi League protests in the 90s?

When was Lynn rewarded the Professor Emeritus title?

When did Ulster University decide to remove Lynn from the position?

Lynn’s theories and research have been widely debunked during his tenure at Ulster, with methodologies considered to be deeply flawed, with selective use of evidence to support ‘sweeping generalisations.’ Lynn has published research as a Professor Emeritus as recently as March of this year, and was introduced using this title at White Nationalist conferences, using the prestige to validate his belief that the West is being ‘colonised’ by people from the Middle East and Africa.

Professor Emeritus Richard Lynn’s lifetime of research has inspired and justified some of the most notorious racists, misogynists and supremacists across the globe. White Nationalism may have a global reach, but much of it originated in Northern Ireland.