#RHI: Foster’s Claims of Misogyny Are Hot Air

As the RHI Scandal continues to dominate the news agenda, Aine Carson paints a sobering picture of why people are really opposed to Foster staying on as First Minister as over £400m of public money goes up in smoke.

IN an interview with Sky News, the First Minister attempted to deflect attention for her role in the Renewable Heat Incentive scandal that has gripped Northern Ireland. While the First Minister’s claim of personal abuse is true, there’s no evidence to suggest it’s misogynistic.

Foster gets a lot of grief and has done for years. They say that once you resort to personal insults, you’ve lost the argument. Unfortunately all politicians are frequently ridiculed with impunity and it’s probably the main reason why so few women put themselves up for election. It takes a tough personality to brush off hurtful comments.

Whether it’s being likened to Nick Cotton or the most recent viral cartoon of her naked body wearing a strategically placed sash – Arlene has done well to develop a thick skin. Snubbing the BBC, Foster used a global television network to commander the attention of feminists. Because if there’s one word that makes the supposed sisterhood’s ears prick up, it’s misogyny.

There’s a lot of it personal. There’s a lot of it, sadly, misogynistic as well, because I’m a female, the first female leader of Northern Ireland.” – Arlene Foster

The sound bite backfired however, as none of us were having it. Is there one single feminist who believes Arlene Foster is being pushed out of her job because she’s a woman? She just isn’t getting it. We don’t want her to resign because of the chromosomal make up of her body, we want her to resign because she was in charge of a scheme that has the capacity to bankrupt us. We’re already being hammered by welfare reform and public service cuts, it’s just getting insulting now.

Interviewed by Stephen Nolan after Jonathan Bell’s revelations, the first female leader of Northern Ireland as she calls herself – claimed to be intimidated by her colleague’s ‘physical bulk’. It was clear she was going to play the frightened woman card.


“Women don’t rise to power by behaving like wallflowers” Image: Arlene Foster, NI First Minister

Does anyone really think she’s a shrinking violet and allowed another person never mind a male – to use body language to frighten her? Women don’t rise to power by behaving like wallflowers. Especially in a party like the DUP where the ‘weemen’ make the tea and sandwiches and the men folk make the decisions. This party is notoriously anti-women. If Arlene wants to start calling it out, she should start closer to home.

Looking across the water, we have Theresa May and Nicola Sturgeon in similar leadership roles. Do they start yapping and release the misogyny war cry as soon as times get tough? No, because an overspend of £490M shouldn’t be tolerated in Westminster nor Holyrood.

Politicians are expected to listen to the advice of civil servants when it affects the economy. But not here, no we allow our block grant and additional funds from Westminster to heat empty sheds and fancy car show rooms. And when someone draws attention to it, we’ll call them a whistleblower, a sectarian or a misogynist.

For once there’s a united front. People are putting the green and orange issues to the side and focusing on the important matters of their money literally being burned. Everyone has an opinion of where this money could have been better spent. We’re in dire need of investment in mental health services, every year nursery age children are denied an early education because of their parents’ perceived financial circumstances. From the dissenter to the fence-sitter – citizens of all political hues are unhappy at this waste of public funds. And anyone that doesn’t care about any of all this aul’ nonsense – you should vote the DUP because they need people like you to turn a blind eye and allow it to keep happening.


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  2. agreed, and it’s not just about clawing back the funds, it’s the utter corruption of it. i mean those ferrari eggs need hatched and all, but come on, she should be jailed. we should be taking leaves from the icelandic saga rather than promise embers.


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