#CNB16 The TLR Choices


It’s that time of year again, when Belfast’s arts and culture explodes onto the city’s streets, seeping into every bar, gallery and public space. A fantastic showcase of the variety that exists in the city, a showcase that grows in size every year. It can be hard to choose what to go to, but fear not! A string of contributors and editors from TLR have brought together a selection of ten events well worth checking out. It wasn’t easy (which is why there are more than 10 things on this list!). But we want to make choosing a little bit easier – or at least pretend that we made it easier.


  1. David Hockney: I Draw, I Do

This is almost cheating, as this exhibition has been in the MAC since August 19th but this showcase of Hockney’s work, both celebrating earlier works and creations from the last decade, is excellent. You can catch this quintessential exhibition of everything Hockney between 10am and 9pm at the MAC (it’s behind the UU Belfast Campus).

  1. AVA in Conversation

     We’re big fans of AVA, a music festival that has been going now for just two years but has already        put Belfast on the map and is a symptom of the city’s growing love affair with all forms of electronic     music. This panel discussion, which features the founders of GIRL (a Belfast group that runs                 women only DJ nights), and which is moderated by festival founder Sarah McBriar, is certainly not to be missed. Between key discussions on diversity within the medium and a set from GIRL afterwards, it wouldn’t be a stretch to suggest that this could be among the best events going this Friday. This event kicks off at 5pm in the Oh Yeah Centre and ends around 6.30pm.


    Boombox, despite its small size, has become more than just ‘that place you go to when you are not quite feeling the Kremlin’. It recently played host to the Night Institute and AUX, both former Aether & Echo staples. This Friday, they are hosting a block party in celebration of Queer culture with a DJ set from Kim Ann Foxman, as well as some cabaret, comedy and more. This showcase of craic runs from 4pm till 10pm.

  2. Iconic Film Soundtracks

    Who doesn’t love a great soundtrack from a film? A bunch of local musicians are getting together at Redeemer Central to recreate some of film’s most iconic soundtracks, as well as re-imagining some more. Perfect event for a movie buff which runs from 6.30pm to 7pm.


  3. Jamie Does You

    If you frequent the quaint Green Room in Black Box, you will likely have came across the artistic portraiture of Jamie Harper. Jamie is attempting to break his own personal record for amount of portraits drawn in 12 hours. If you want to watch an artist at their craft over a beer and a slice, this is the event for you. It runs from 1pm to 1am in the Green Room (Black Box on Hill St).


  4. March of the Pigs – Growing for Gross

    As much as we really want this to be something to do with Nine Inch Nails, and we can probably (insert definitely) depend on Friends of the Earth to play NIN’s ‘March of the Pigs’ during this, this is a parade that is protesting the NI Executive’s plans which would allow for more industrial farming for meat and diary which carries health and environmental risks along with it. If you want to catch the pigs march (no, not the police) then you can catch them at ‘The Big Table’ between 9pm and 9.15pm.

  5. The Red Pill Scrabble Showcase

    Not content with running the best spoken word nights in Belfast, The Red Pill have decided to combine a selection of Belfast’s finest local spoken word and beat poets with a giant game of Scrabble! The Sunflower Bar on Union St is hosting this event between 7pm and 11pm.


  6. Belfast Feminist Network HERstory Events

    This year Belfast Feminist Network has two events on Culture Night. Both events are on the topic of HERstory, aiming to fill in the blanks on where all the women were at key points of local history. Throughout the night a ‘Where were all the women?’ slideshow will be on in Michael Quinn Hairdressers. This will show images of women from Suffragettes to pro-choice activists along with some information about their lives and achievements.

    Twice during the night, at 6.15pm and 8.15pm you’ll find a few ‘Women of 1916’ in Warehouse Lane/Exchange Place near the Muddlers Club. This year has been a year of centenaries, this event picks up on March’s International Women’s Day theme of ‘Women Reclaim the 1916 Agenda’ and gives you a bit of insight into some lesser known women from that time. These women will tell you about their involvement in the Easter Rising, the Somme, and struggles for workers and women’s rights. So pop in to see the slide show or come along to the short spoken word event to find out more about the women who weren’t in your text books!


  7. Street Countdown!

    The IT Crowd homage to the Channel 4 daytime favourite is coming to Belfast, two souls will be selected from the audience to dish out vowels and consonants for the audience. This event runs from 8-11pm at ‘The Big Table’.


  8. Feed The 5000

    Belfast Food Network and others have come together to cook a huge amount of food that was going to go to waste despite being perfectly grand. This food will be dished out between 1-6pm, provided the food doesn’t run out before then. You’ll find Culture Night’s answer to the twelve disciples at Stone Soup Pot.

    You should also check these out (We didn’t lie when we said we couldn’t keep this to ten!)

    Jennifer Rawlings: I Only Smoke In War Zones

Ink Monkey Art Exhibition

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